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Criminal Law

Mr. Horn also has represented many individuals in criminal court. Perhaps the most significant part of his representation is to make sure that he can obtain results that have the least adverse immigration consequence to individuals who are not United States Citizens. It is very important for many of Mr. Horn’s clients to know the immigration consequences of any proposed disposition.

Mr. Horn’s rates on criminal matters are known for being extremely reasonable, and Mr. Horn will advise if he believes that a client should accept a plea offer proposed by the District Attorney or pursue a possible trial.


When a defendant goes before the criminal court judge for the first time it is called an arraignment.  When a person is not detained arraignments are rarely significant.   However, for persons detained this is extremely significant.

At the arraignment the judge is going to decide how much, if any, bail people are going to have to pay on behalf of the defendant to have him released from police custody.  For persons who are not United States Citizens it is vital that whatever bail is set by the judge is paid immediately at the courthouse, not a few hours or a day later.  In other words, someone on the defendant’s behalf should be in the courthouse with more than enough money to immediately pay the bail.

If bail is not paid immediately the person runs the risk of having a hold placed on him by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, depending on the individual situation.  It is very important to be prepared and represented by legal counsel at the arraignment.

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