Immigration Attorney Long Island


Eric Horn has helped me and so many members of our family become lawful permanent residents. Our family recommends Eric Horn to all our friends and to anyone who needs an effective and knowledgeable immigration lawyer.

Karen (Peru)

If you need a professional and knowledgeable immigration lawyer Eric Horn is your man.  After meeting with three other attorneys who said I had no hope, Mr. Horn took the time to sit with me and my husband, understand our situation, and find the solution to our problems.  I am a lawful permanent resident today thanks to Mr. Horn.

Karina (El Salvador)

Since our first meeting with Mr. Horn, my husband and I felt confident and secure that Mr. Horn would resolve my immigration matter. It was a long journey and Mr. Horn was always patient with us yet persistent with the immigration service. After I had been told that there was no way my case could be resolved I am a lawful permanent resident, thanks to Mr. Horn. I cannot express with words all my gratitude to Mr. Horn and his staff. They went beyond our expectations. My husband and I will make sure to refer Mr. Horn to all of our friends and family.

Milagros (Peru)

Eric Horn has not only been an excellent and effective attorney but also a good friend. Eric is of the highest integrity. He fights for his clients’ rights and always knows the best advice to give. Eric is patient, understanding, knowledgable, smart, funny, positive, caring and reasonably priced. Eric knows the law inside and out and is able to think out-of-the-box. He comes up with both obvious and creative solutions to problems. I highly recommend Eric Horn.

Yolande (Grenada)

Thank you for everything you have done for me in my quest to become a citizen of the United States. Your persistence in ” staying the course ” proved to be invaluable as you saw me through stages of apprehension and doubt in the process. I have my US citizenship now. Your unrelenting diligence helped me attain my goal. I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Antonio (Brazil)

My story is a long one to tell and to make a long story short all I will say is that I was married to a U. S born citizen who wanted to request me so that I could get my status legalized in the country. However, every lawyer that we went to would tell us that we had no hope and that the only way for my husband to request me is if I went back to my country Colombia without knowing when I would be coming back! My husband and I did not want to do that so we just kept on looking for a way. After having no luck and loosing hope, one day the office where Mr. Eric Horn worked was recommended to me by a school friend. I went to meet with Mr. Horn thinking that I would hear the same thing again, that there was no hope for me. However, Mr. Horn did something that no other lawyer had done before; He did not say no right away and instead he took down some information and without charging me anything, he researched my case!!! I could not believe that a lawyer was actually going to take the time and effort to try to help me. A week later Mr. Horn spoke to me to tell me the greatest news I have heard in years. He told me that it was possible for me to get my status legalized without leaving the country. We began the process and within 6 months I had my green card. Thanks to Mr. Eric Horn my 10 year nightmare resolved in 6 months and my husband and I were finally able to go on our honeymoon! I have been a legal U.S resident for almost 2 years now, and I am actually in the process of soon becoming a U.S citizen! Thanks again Mr. Horn!

Angie (Colombia)

We all want to express our gratitude to you because of the best and fast work you have achieved. You are a great lawyer and you know what you are doing so well. We really appreciated your big effort in fighting along on our side so we would win our political asylum case. We thank you so very much, and wish that you’d be courageous and faithful in the work that you are doing because it is the best. We were very lucky to have you as our lawyer. We undoubtedly would recommend Eric Horn to all that need help with immigration matters.

Pierre and family (Haiti)

Vilma & I want to say THANK YOU for the EXCELLENT JOB YOU DID on my immigration case. We are still amazed how fast and clean you got this whole thing done. In addition, your performance at the interview was flawless making sure everything ran smooth.


Vilma (Ecuador) & Gaston (Argentina)

My wife and I both thank you for your assistance in helping me through the process of becoming a permanent resident. We are most appreciative for your hard work and tireless efforts towards completing all the necessary paperwork involved. We were so impressed by the ease of the process while working with you and will probably be knocking on your door in 33 months in order to apply for citizenship.

Thank you once again.

Farhan (Pakistan)